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Privacy Policy

General Data Protection Regulations 2018 

Privacy Notice

The GDPR is a UK law which came into force on 25/05/2018 in order to protect personal information. 

As I hold my clients personal data in order to run Tailored Time Pet Care, I am required to follow the GDPR.

The information I hold on my clients may include:

  • Names of pets and owners

  • Address

  • House keys or key codes

  • Telephone numbers

  • Email address

  • Emergency contact details

  • Pets medical history and medication 

  • Veterinary practice

  • Pets age and gender

  • Photographs of pets (I would only take and share photographs of your pets for online social media and advertising purposes with owners full permission and a signed consent form).

Any information I hold on my clients will be kept on new customer forms that will be kept secure in a filing cabinet that only I have access to.

I will not store any client information online.

People who use the contacts form on or email will have their email address deleted once communications have finished, I will not store these online. 

House keys or key codes will be stored securely in a locked key safe that only I have access to.

I will not share client information with third parties without clients consent. This would only be when absolutely necessary e.g. if clients pet requires veterinary attention or the emergency contact needs to be contacted. 

I will destroy clients records once they are no longer needed e.g. client no longer needs my services, I've had no contact with client for six years. Clients records will be shredded. 

I will only keep copies of invoices long enough for HM Revenue, (maximum six years) they will then be destroyed by shredding.

Consent may be withdrawn to hold personal information and photographs at any time by my clients. To do this please contact me at 

If you have any questions feel free to contact me. 

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